North Virginia

So when I was a senior, I was Student Body President…

Each year all the SBP’s of the schools in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia attend a leadership conference.

I went to it in Fort Worth, Texas. (BEAUTIFUL!)

And every state goes as a whole and Nevada has the best Student Councils so we’re huge. We took like 82 delegates I believe.

(Oh, this is where I met Grant Cabebe for the first time too, which we later found out at UH lol)

And so every state wears shirts that rep their state.

So we had a shirt that said “Go Green with NV” (envy = NV; NV = Nevada)

And we got SO many people who were like, ooooooooh, I get it… “Go Green with eNVy!”

And after that they’d be like “Where y’all fruuum? North Virginia” (Thiiiiick accents too)

And we were like uhhhh… WHAT THE FUCK?

Not even lying, we got this question A LOT. So after a while we started saying we were from North Virginia, and I kid you not, NO ONE caught on.

It wasn’t until we were like we’re just kidding we’re from NevAHda, (not NevAWda).

Stupid ass Americans…

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